Sonic Geometry

“This is live music. I’m not a DJ. I’m like a DJ. I do press play (not on a turntable or CD deck like a DJ, but on a short loop or sample), but DJs and producers (that’s what I am) do a little more than that. I cut songs into hundreds of tiny pieces that I can freely mix and match during a set to make on-the-fly remixes and mashups of my own songs. I also play and loop guitar live. I twist knobs to make glitches & sparkles and to finely control different aspects of the sound. I don’t match beats by ear; I put my focus on other aspects of the musical process instead. I spent a good portion of several years (and continuing) pondering on ways to make a set in Ableton Live (the computer program I use) that would have the musical flow of a DJ set with the malleability of a live instrument, something I could use to play songs and create new sounds at the same time, so that I could play something cohesive and familiar while making it different every time. When I set out out to create the show I do today, I wanted a way to play productions I had made in the studio and I wanted a way to create songs that would let me play them live in the same manner in which they were produced. That is what I continually strive to do. I care just as much (if not more than) about the live performance as the studio production, although both processes are quite magical to me. I love what I do. That’s why I do it, that’s why I share it. Maybe you’ll love it, too.” -Andy

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